Terms of Service

The website you are currently on is managed and maintained by the entity known as “little modern.” When you come across references like “we”, “us”, and “our” on this platform, it denotes “little modern.”

The platform provided by “little modern” includes a myriad of information, tools, and services, all of which are available to you, the user, as long as you adhere to and accept the various terms, policies, conditions, and notices detailed herein.

By choosing to browse our website or make a purchase from us, you implicitly agree to use our “Service” and are, in turn, agreeing to abide by the outlined terms and conditions. These are referred to as “Terms of Service” or simply “Terms”.

This agreement not only encapsulates the primary terms but also includes additional terms and conditions or policies that might be referred to in this document or linked via a hyperlink. Every individual interacting with this platform, be it as a browser, customer, vendor, merchant, content contributor, or otherwise, is bound by these Terms of Service.

It’s crucial for all users to read the Terms of Service in depth before accessing or utilizing our website.

If, after reading, you choose to proceed with accessing or using any portion of our platform, it’s taken as an acknowledgment that you consent to these terms. If any of these terms are not to your liking, you are advised against using this website or its services. If viewed as an offer, accepting these terms is strictly confined to the Terms of Service.

As our store evolves, any new features or tools introduced will also come under the purview of the existing Terms of Service. To keep up-to-date with the most recent version of these terms, users are advised to visit this page periodically. We hold the authority to alter, update, or replace any section of these terms by updating our website.

The onus is on users to check for updates. If you continue to use or access the site post the modifications, it will be interpreted as your acceptance of the changes.


When you agree to our Terms of Service, you confirm that you have either reached the legal age in your residing state or province or, if not, have attained the required age and secured our permission to allow any dependents to access this website.

Our products and services are not to be used for any illegal activities or unauthorized purposes. Moreover, during your usage of the Service, you must not break any laws of your jurisdiction, including copyright laws. Transmitting malicious code, such as viruses, is strictly forbidden. If any of the terms are violated, the consequence is the immediate cessation of your services.


We hold the right to decline services to anyone, whenever we see fit. You need to be aware that the data you provide (excluding credit card details) might be transferred without encryption and could involve various network transmissions and technical adjustments.

Nevertheless, credit card details remain encrypted at all times during transmission. Any attempt to duplicate, copy, resell, or exploit any aspect of the Service without our express written consent is prohibited. The titles in this agreement are merely for reference and don’t dictate or limit the Terms in any manner.


Although we strive to ensure all information on our platform is accurate, we can’t guarantee its completeness or timeliness. This platform’s material is intended for general information, and users are urged to consult other, more current sources before making decisions.

Relying solely on this site’s content is at your risk. Our site may occasionally feature historical data, which is, understandably, not current. It’s meant for reference. We have the right to alter the content anytime but aren’t obligated to update any information. Monitoring any changes to our platform is your responsibility.


Be informed that our product prices may undergo changes without any prior notice. We also reserve the right to modify or even discontinue the Service, or parts thereof, at any given time without notifying users in advance. Under no circumstances will we be held accountable for alterations, price adjustments, suspension, or discontinuation of the Service.


There might be specific products or services that are exclusively available for purchase online through our platform. Such items might be in limited stock and are only exchangeable or returnable based on our Return Policy.

While we make every effort to depict the colors and images of our products as accurately as possible in the store, we cannot assure the display on your computer screen will be exact. We have the discretion to limit sales of our products or services, which can be implemented on a case-by-case basis.

We also hold the right to adjust product descriptions or pricing anytime without prior notice. Any product or service offers on this site are null and void where prohibited. We don’t guarantee that the products, services, or information purchased or obtained will align with your expectations, or that any service discrepancies will be rectified.


We have the right to decline or limit any order you place with us. This could be based on various factors, including but not limited to bulk orders from the same account or credit card or orders using identical billing/shipping addresses.

If there’s a need to alter or cancel an order, we may try reaching out via email, phone, or billing address provided during the order process. We can also set limits or prohibit orders that appear to be made by dealers, resellers, or distributors. It’s crucial for users to offer accurate, current, and complete purchase and account details for all transactions made in our store.

Make sure to keep this information updated, especially vital data like email addresses and credit card details. For more insights, our Returns Policy is available for perusal.


At times, we might offer access to third-party tools without any form of oversight, control, or endorsement on our part. Using these tools is entirely at your discretion and risk. We offer no warranties or representations about these third-party tools.

By deciding to use them, you acknowledge the associated risks. It’s advisable to acquaint yourself with terms set by the respective third-party providers before using their tools. In the foreseeable future, our website might roll out new services or features (like the introduction of new tools). Such additions will also be governed by these Terms of Service.


Our Service might occasionally feature materials from third parties, or links redirecting to third-party sites. These entities are not affiliated with us, and we’re not responsible for the content or accuracy of their materials. Furthermore, we neither endorse nor assume liability for any third-party materials or websites, or for any other materials, products, or services from third parties.

We are not accountable for any damage or harm arising from transactions associated with third-party sites. It’s essential to review the third-party’s policies and practices and comprehend them fully before any engagement. For issues, grievances, or questions about third-party products, users should reach out directly to the third party.

SECTION 9 – SUBMISSIONS FROM USERS Should you provide specific submissions at our request, like contest entries, or even if you voluntarily send us creative proposals, suggestions, ideas, or other materials over different mediums, including online, emails, post, etc. (referred to as ‘comments’), you grant us permission to utilize those comments in various ways without limitations.

We are not obligated to (1) keep comments confidential; (2) provide payment for any comments; or (3) reply to any comments. While we may choose to oversee and even remove content, it’s not a mandate. This applies to content that might be deemed offensive, unlawful, or in violation of any party’s rights or these Terms of Service.

You guarantee your comments won’t infringe on any third-party rights, including copyrights. You also assure that your comments will not be illegal or harmful in any way. Using a deceptive email or misrepresenting your identity is prohibited. You’re accountable for your comments and their authenticity. We are not responsible for comments by you or third parties.

SECTION 10 – HANDLING OF PERSONAL DETAILS Our handling of your personal data via the store adheres to our Privacy Policy. Please consult our Privacy Policy for details.

SECTION 11 – ERRORS AND MISINFORMATION At times, our site or Service might have errors or missing details regarding product specifics, costs, promotions, etc. We can correct these issues and change or update related information. If any of these changes impacts your order, we may cancel it without prior notice. Despite this, we are not compelled to regularly update information, unless mandated by law.

SECTION 12 – UNACCEPTABLE USAGE You are forbidden from using our site or its content in a manner that is illegal, harmful to others, violates rights, spreads malware, misleads others, or hinders the Service or the internet. If you breach these prohibitions, we can discontinue your access to our services.

SECTION 13 – WARRANTIES AND LIABILITY RESTRICTIONS We can’t promise that our service will be error-free or always available. We don’t guarantee the outcomes from using our service either. You understand that the service might be paused or stopped without informing you. All services and products are provided without any warranties unless specified otherwise.

We, including our affiliates and partners, won’t be accountable for any damages or losses you might incur from using our services.

SECTION 14 – PROTECTING US AGAINST CLAIMS You commit to safeguarding us, including our partners and employees, from any third-party claims arising from your violation of these Terms of Service or any laws.

SECTION 15 – VALIDITY OF TERMS If any term in this agreement is deemed void or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement remains valid.

SECTION 16 – ENDING THIS AGREEMENT Even after termination, the obligations and liabilities of both parties still apply. You can terminate this agreement by ceasing to use our services. We can also end this agreement if we believe you’ve breached any term, in which case you remain liable for all dues.

SECTION 17 – COMPLETE AGREEMENT Our failure to act on or enforce any provision within these Terms of Service doesn’t waive our right to do so. The guidelines, rules, and policies we post on this site regarding the Service make up the full understanding and agreement between you and us.

This understanding supersedes any previous or simultaneous discussions, understandings, and agreements, whether oral or in writing, between you and us, including older versions of these Terms of Service. Should any confusion arise in interpreting these Terms, it won’t be held against the one who drafted them.

SECTION 18 – LAW AND JURISDICTION Our Terms of Service and any separate commitments through which we offer you services will be interpreted in line with the laws of the United Kingdom.

SECTION 19 – UPDATING OUR TERMS The most recent version of our Terms of Service is always accessible on this page. We hold the right, at our discretion, to modify or replace parts of these Terms by posting updates on our website. It’s your duty to check for updates on our website. If you continue to use or access our website or Service after modifications are posted, it indicates your acceptance of the revised terms.

SECTION 20 – REACHING OUT For any inquiries regarding the Terms of Service, please contact us at hello(at)littlemodern(dot)com.